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Koishiwara ware (Toho Village)


During the 17th Century, the then-Lord of Fukuoka invited pottery artisans from Imari, Saga Prefecture, to Fukuoka to impart their knowledge and ceramics-making technique to the people of Fukuoka. This became the foundation for today’s Koishiwara ware. Today, Koishiwara ware is primarily made in Toho, a village located in the Asakura district of Fukuoka. The village today is the epicenter of Koishiwara-ware production in Fukuoka and has an abundance of ceramics stores, each selling its own handcrafted Koishiwara Ware. Renowned across the globe, Koishiwara Ware received high evaluations and was awarded a grand prize in the 1958 Brussels World’s Fair. From tableware to teapots, all of your ceramic desires can be found at Toho Village in Fukuoka.

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