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Kyushu Tourism Organization ('the Organization') hereby agree and acknowledge that the Organization must and will conduct all matters related to obtaining, handling, disclosing, and maintaining of personal information received from its web-service user[s] with upmost respect and responsibility fully required by law. Failing to do so shall result in legal consequences according to both, but not limited to, local and national law.

1.Personal Information
Personal information entails a particular user's name, address, e-mail address, phone number, date of birth, gender and/or any other elements of factor obtained via the homepage ('the Site') operated by the Organization and can reflect or lead to identifying that particular individual as the user.

2.Obtaining Your Personal Information
The Organization may obtain personal information from its user only upon receiving the user's consent from that particular user. Additionally, the user may only provide his/her personal information that they are at liberty to do so while accessing the Site. Simultaneously, the Organization must clearly indicate the intent and the purpose for obtaining the user information.

3.Handling Your Personal Information
An user's personal information may not and will not be shared with a third party unless a prior permission has been given by the user. However, should a circumstance arise in which the Site administrator determines sharing of the user information is necessary or is required by law, the Site administrator can and may share the bare minimum held accountable by law to disclose that particular user's personal information with the law enforcement.
3-1.The Site administrator hereby agree to provide the Site staff on the regular basis with proper education and training for handling personal information shared by its users as well as to appoint a designated, administrative manager to ensure the quality of handling personal information is up to our standard.
3-2.Cases other than when a prior consent is given by the user or when required by law, the Site may not and will not share any user's personal information with a third party except for the purpose stated prior to collecting the user's personal information.
3-3.If/when a consent is given by the user or when it is inquired by the law enforcement to share the user information, the Site administrator can and may disclose with a third party only the information of the user in question. Upon doing so, the Site will hold that particular third party responsible for all handling and managing of the said information being shared by the Site.

4.Maintaining Your Personal Information
The Site hereby agree to provide necessary education and training to its staff for proper handling and managing of all personal information gathered via the Site. This includes supplemental educational training on illegal sharing or leaking of personal information, misplacement and loss prevention, illegal tweaking or editing, as well as proper disposal of any and all personal user information.
4-1.The Site will implement necessary tools and methods to prevent any and all mishandling and/or mismanaging of user personal information. The Site is to securely guard all private data at all times against any and all outside sources from both intentionally and unintentionally obtaining it.
4-2.Should the Site administration receive any form of complaint from its user[s] or their legal representative regarding the Site's handling and/or managing their personal information, the Site will promptly contact the user[s] or their representative.
4-3.The Site is to re-write, modify, edit, update and/or reform any and all part of its Personal Information and Privacy Policy in accordance with the Japanese national law as well as the local governing guidance and law.

The Site is not legally held responsible for the protection of private information shared by user[s] on a third-party website linked on the Site. Please access via the Contact Form page on the Site for contacting about a possible mishandling and/or mismanaging, submitting a complaint and/or inquiry, as well as making a general inquiry regarding our Personal Information and Privacy Policy.