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Takachiho Gorge


This spectacular gorge in northern Miyazaki was formed over 100,000 years ago after eruptions from nearby volcano Mt. Aso. The gorge’s 80-100 meter-high basalt cliffs line a chasm, just 3 meters wide at its narrowest point. The dark abysses are complemented by vivid greenery in early summer and red-tinted leaves in autumn. You can see the gorge from above and below, along paths and bridges that span the river. For a unique and up-close look at the gorge, rent a boat at the south end and row along the Gokase River, through the ancient rock columns. You can also walk the perimeter of the gorge on the paved path that runs along its edge. The path is about one kilometer long and leads to Takachiho Shrine. You can see the 17 meter high Manai Falls from above or from a row boat below, as the waters splash into the river. The southern end of the gorge features a fishing pond, an aquarium, restaurants, and gift shops. There are also traditional inns and hotels nearby. If you visit in the summer months, try to see the special illuminations in the gorge until 10 PM each night.

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