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Shiiba Village


Shiiba is a peaceful farming community in the Mountains of Miyazki. It has one of the largest terraced rice paddy systems in Japan and is recognized for its sustainable farming traditions. The area offers rustic views, scenic hikes, and farm stay programs. The area has been declared a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System by the United Nations, for its ancient sustainable farming traditions, including the steep terraces, extensive irrigation networks, and cyclical farming. Sennin no Tanada is one of the largest terraced rice paddy systems in Japan, created around 150 years ago and connected by a 500 km canal network, which winds around the terraces. You can see the terraces, often shrouded in mist, from the Dai-icho Observation Deck, across the valley. The area is famous for kagura, a type of theatrical Shinto dance. During winter, the dances are held all night at various shrines around the village. Shiiba has attractive hiking routes through the mountains and lakes, and there are various walking tours including mushroom picking and honey collecting, which you can book in advance. Tours start from the Shiiba Folk Art Museum.

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