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Kurokawa Onsen


This charming, traditional town has been a popular hot spring resort for over 300 years. Tucked away in the misty Kuju mountain range, the area is also ideal for hiking, with clearly marked trails through the mountains. About an hour on foot from the town center, the Hirano Dai Plateau Viewing Point is a popular spot to see the sunset over Mt Aso. You can get a map from the Visitor Center Kazenoya near the town center, and explore the narrow streets lined with restaurants and shops. Most of the hot spring inns are dotted around the Tanohara River. They usually welcome day visitors, though a night at a traditional inn with a multi-course dinner and breakfast, is the best way to relax. You can pick up a hot spring pass, called the Nyuto Tegata from the Visitor Center, and try three different hot springs for 1,300 yen. The stamped, cedar wood pass is valid for six months and makes a good souvenir of your visit. Be aware that there are no ATMs in the town. The nearest ATM is a ten minute drive away, and not all stores accept credit cards. The easiest way to reach Kurokawa Onsen is by bus or rental car.

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