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Trekking:A journey to visit the tracks carved by water and time on the land created by the great pyroclastic flows

Trekking:A journey to visit the tracks carved by water and time on the land created by the great pyroclastic flows

Trip Overview

A trip to Mt. Sobo in search of the source of the water that sustains the people’s daily lives, and to experience first-hand the irrigation water, waterways, stone bridges, cliff-carved Buddhas, waterfalls and clear streams that have been nurtured in its flow to the village mountains.

●Area: Bungo Ono City, Oita Pref. 
●Main Activity: :Climbing Mt. Sobo 
●Difficulty: 2
●2 nights 3days
  Day1: Bungo ono city
  Day2: Bungo ono city   
An English speaking guide
●PAX: Minimum 4 / Maximum 8
●Price: JPY 125,300-


・Climbing Mt. Sobo, which supports the people's livelihoods
・Experience Japanese culture through Ajikan (a method of meditation introduced by Buddhist monk Kukai) using the five senses

Day 1

Meet at JR Oita Station. After the meetup, you will be driven to Lodge Kiyokawa in a private car. Lodge Kiyokawa is located in a prime location for the first day's accommodation, offering a glimpse of what the Geopark, Bungo-Ono City, is all about. Upon arrival, you can experience several different types of sauna tents set up along the river. Instead of a cold-water bath, dive into the clear river in front of you. You can also enjoy river activities such as packrafting and fishing. Dinner is served on the terrace with a view of the river, where you can enjoy fresh vegetables and the finest Bungo beef barbecue with locally produced Sake.

Day 2

On the second day, the main activity is climbing Mt. Sobo. After praying for the safety of the climb at Takeo Shrine, the climbing begins. Take the Miyanoharu route to the summit of Mt. Sobo from the Obira trailhead and descend to the Koubaru trailhead by the Koubaru route. From the Obira trailhead to the summit, the route is a strenuous one, with an elevation gain of approximately 1,160m. After crossing a suspension bridge over the Kawakami Gorge and passing a nature-rich ridge path, you will arrive at Uma-no-Se, a superb viewpoint from Mt. Sobo to Mt. Furusobo. From there, a short climb past the lodge at the ninth station takes you to the summit. At the summit, enjoy your packed lunch while admiring the magnificent view of the mountains. After a break, descend to the Koubaru trailhead by the Koubaru route. On the way to the inn by car, you will stop at a hot spring facility to bathe and heal your tired bodies.

After bathing, you head for the Matsumoto Inn for the night. It is on the high ground of the Ogata Plain and is an old private house of more than 100 years. In winter, you can sit around the wood stove, and in summer you can open up the rooms to the fullest, eat home-cooked meals with home-produced sun-dried rice and plenty of pesticide-free vegetables, and enjoy the landscape of the local people’s cherished mountain. You can also try your hand at weaving, making coasters and other souvenirs to take home.

Day 3

First, take a private car to Harajiri Waterfall. This area was buried by the great pyroclastic flow of Mt. Aso 90,000 years ago, and the river eventually flowed through the area, carving valleys due to river erosion. The areas left behind by the erosion became flat land, where people drew water and cultivated vast fields, growing a delicious bounty. Many stone bridges were built to cross the valley, water channels were constructed to draw water, and shrines were erected to pray to the deities for a good harvest.

After walking around Harajiri Waterfall, visitors can experience Ajikan (meditation) at Fuko-ji Temple. The Chief Priest of Fuko-ji Temple will teach you Ajikan, a meditation method for toning the mind and living a clear life, in an easy-to-understand and detailed manner. The experience takes about 30 minutes including an explanation. Fuko-ji Temple is also known as the 'Hydrangea Temple' because of the large number of hydrangeas planted there. The Ajikan experience surrounded by nature allows you to enjoy Japanese culture using all the five senses.

Afterwards, head to the Murezuru Liquor Brewery. Here, under the guidance of the proprietress (Okami-san) you can experience lighting a fire, putting in the firewood and actually cooking rice in a kamado (traditional cooking stove), which is a scene from old Japan. The heat that cannot be produced by electricity can cook rice so deliciously. The deliciously cooked rice and side dishes made from local vegetables are served in a traditional Japanese-style guest room. Before the meal, guests can also enjoy a comparison of four different types of shochu. The trip ends after lunch and shochu liquor tasting. The tour will end at JR Oita Station.

・Address:606-3 Miemachi Ichiba,Bungoono-shi, Oita-ken 879-7131 Japan
・Tel:+81 974-22-3706


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