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Kayakking,Cycling:A journey to experience the rich climate and lifestyle of the World Natural Heritage Site Amami-Oshima, nurtured by the "Kuro-shio″

Kayakking,Cycling:A journey to experience the rich climate and lifestyle of the World Natural Heritage Site Amami-Oshima, nurtured by the "Kuro-shio″

Trip Overview

Amami-Oshima Island was inscribed as a World Natural Heritage site due to its rich biodiversity. The basis for this is the Kuro-shio (Black Current). The Kuro-shio is a warm current that flows from South-East Asia through the East China Sea to the Pacific Ocean. The life of the island is supported by the abundant rainfall and mild climate caused by the Kuro-shio and the monsoons. The vast mangroves were formed from the seed of a single tree that drifted ashore on the Kuro-shio long ago. Much of the seafood available on the island can be said to be a blessing from the Kuro-shio. The Kuro-shio is the source of all life on Amami-Oshima. On this trip, you will ride an e-bike through forests where many endemic plants and animals live, explore the "living forest" mangroves by kayak, and experience the traditional culture handed down from our ancestors, with all five senses. 

●Area: Amami Island,Kagoshima Pref.
●Main Activity: :Cycling to feel the rich forests nurtured by the Kuro-shio
●Difficulty: 3
●3nights 4days
  Day1: Amami Island
  Day2: Amami Island
  DAY3: Amami Island
An English speaking guide, An activity guide
●PAX: Minimum2/ Maximum 4
●Price: JPY 620,000-


・Explore the World Natural Heritage Site of Mt. Yuwan-dake by e-bike 
・Mangrove kayaking
・Visiting Kokuto Shochu distillery, which is produced only in the Amami Islands
・Mud-dyeing Oshima Tsumugi fabric, a traditional craft with a 1,300-year history

Day 1

After arriving in Amami Oshima, the guide will first introduce the course and Amami island. Then, Check-in at inn. After leaving your luggage at the inn, you can begin your activities immediately! 
E-bike experience from Kuninao Village to the Wildlife Conservation Center Kuninao Village.There is famous for its beautiful beach. The Amami Wildlife Conservation Center is a facility of the Ministry of the Environment, established to protect the wildlife and nature of the Amami Islands. 
Then, head to the Cape Miyakozaki Lookout in the evening. Cape Miyakozaki is a scenic and photogenic spot with the East China Sea in front of it, with the contrast of the blue sea and sky and the clusters of Ryuku-chiku (Okinawa bamboo). It is also part of the Amami Islands National Park.

After exercising to the fullest, enjoy the exquisite island cuisine of Amami. You can enjoy a variety of seasonal foods including fresh seafood, meat, vegetables, and fruits from the island. The delicious meals will heal your body, tired from the activities.
After dinner, you will head out for a night tour to observe nocturnal animals. 

Day 2

On the second day, Explore the most important area of the World Heritage Site, Mt. Yuwan-dake, by e-bike. This 694-meter-high mountain is called a cloud forest because it rains heavily all year round and fog rolls in. It is the highest mountain in the Nansei Islands and is home to many plants and animals found only on this mountain in the world. Cycle through the landscape created by water and plants and observe the vegetation of Amami-Oshima. 
And for dinner, enjoy seafood BBQ and singing games with singers living in Kuninao.

Day 3

On the third day, start with kayaking to fully enjoy the nature of Amami. Mangroves are home to aquatic life where mountain water and ocean water mix. At high tide, the forest sinks into the water, providing a fantastic view. Take a kayak adventure through the intricate mangrove tunnels. You can fully enjoy the subtropical atmosphere.
After kayaking, take a riverside nature walk along the Yaku River. Enjoy observing nature at the river which flows to mangrove then have lunch. 
After the lunch, move on and visiting Kokuto Shochu distillery(Nishihira Sake Brewery)
Learning process of Kokuto Shochu alcohol beverage which using island clear water blessed by Kuroshio Current. 
After returning to the inn, taste the island's local cuisine and experience the island's culture through "shima uta" (island songs) . Shima-uta and Hachigatsu-odori are unique to Amami Oshima, and have been handed down from generation to generation on the island. Enjoy this unique cultural experience with the islanders. 

Day 4

On the last day, rest your tired body and enjoy the cultural experience. 
At Oshima Tsumugi Village, you can learn about the manufacturing process of Oshima Tsumugi, a traditional craft of Amami-Oshima. 
With a history of 1,300 years, Oshima Tsumugi is one of the three major textiles in the world. The process of making Oshima Tsumugi, with its intricate and elegant patterns, is complex and takes many people many days to complete. Witness the skillful techniques of the craftsmen and experience mud-dyeing, one of the processes of its creation. Create your one-and-only work-of-art. 
At the end of the tour, we will head to the beach. Reflect on your memories of Amami while gazing at the ocean.  

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