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Trekking, Shower Climbing: A journey with Masa to feel the harmony of nature

Trekking, Shower Climbing: A journey with Masa to feel the harmony of nature

Trip Overview

Mr. Todaka feels the universe in the Himalayas and continues to climb high peaks in search of a connection with the mountains. In 1996, he made four oxygen-free ascents of 8,000-meter peaks, including the solo ascent of K2, the world's second-highest peak at 8,611 meters. Mr. Todaka's hometown is Saiki City in Oita Prefecture. He says his love of mountains and nature originates from the mountains of Saiki. This time, we will join Mr. Todaka in the midst of nature and ask questions such as “What is nature? What is life? What am I?”

●Area: Saiki City, Oita Pref.
●Main Activity:
Trekking and shower climbing in the Fujigawachi Valley
●Difficulty: 3
●2 nights, 3 days
 Day 1: Saiki City
 Day 2: Saiki City
●Guide: Masafumi Todaka (MASA)
●PAX: Minimum 2/ Maximum


・Trekking in the Fujigawachi Valley
・Trekking on Mt. Takatoriya
・Shower climbing
・Staying at Ume Camping Village “Sora no Hotori”

Day 1

This is the first step to get away from everyday life and connect with nature. Concentrate on the cool river currents near dusk, warm up in the tent sauna and then empty your head and body on the grass with the sky and wind.

Day 2

Today is the start of an exciting day! Before breakfast, you can take a quiet early morning walk around the campsite or go for a ride on the mountain bike track under the big bridge connecting the dam lake, to wake up your body according to your individual conditions. After breakfast, it's time to drive to the main activity
You will drive through mountains surrounded by the deep green of the primeval forest and enter the Fujigawachi Valley, which stretches for about 8km, including the tributary from Kannon Falls, the source of the water, to the village of Fujigawachi. The huge sheet of granite covering the mountain has been chipped away by the Kuwabara River over many years, creating a wonderful landscape of mortar-shaped, spiral-shaped, gourd-shaped and streamlined potholes everywhere. Under the guidance of your guide, Masa, you will walk along the mountain path towards the source of the water, breathing in the clean air of the Fujigawachi Valley, sometimes diving into potholes, sometimes letting the river flow over you, and gradually becoming part of nature.
After the experience, you return to the campsite for dinner. Whilst pleasantly fatigued, you enter 'Masa time', a time for sharing and dialogue with the participants in a gentle, candlelit space, inspired by Masa, to feel the path he has taken and the world he has seen, and to put today's experience into deeper perspective.

Day 3

Participants slowly climb Mt. Takatoriya, stepping on soft, decomposed soil. From the top you can see a vast chain of nature. The people who live here have lived their lives with respect for the greatness of nature. You can feel the space created by nature and human activity.

This is a time to experience a program guided by Masa, to blend into nature, to feel your inner self and to create an opportunity for your future life path. You will see things completely different than you did two days ago. The event will end with the participants expressing their inner feelings in words, poems and drawings, as they wish, and emanating towards a new journey (everyday life).

・Saiki City Tourism Association
・Address: 1-1 Nakamura Minamimachi,Saiki-shi, Oita-ken 876-0854 Japan
・Tel: +81 972-23-1101

A trip where you can feel the harmony between Masa and nature

  • A trip where you can feel the harmony between Masa and nature


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