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Usa Jingu Shrine

宇佐神宮 六郷満山

Usa Jingu is the head shrine for Hachiman, the protector of Japan and God of War. With more than 40,000 shrines across the country under its tutelage, Usa Jingu offers a magnificent example of the influence of Rokugo Manzan culture which extended beyond the borders of Kunisaki. The main hall of Usa Jingu is one of the oldest examples of Shinto-Buddhist syncretism. The main shrine is designated a National Treasure and consists of two gabled, hirairi-style buildings connected front to back to form one beautiful building.

After passing through the huge vermilion torii gate, you will come across a vast garden complex consisting of various structures such as the upper and lower main shrines, a treasure house, a bridge with an overarching thatched-roof and a lotus flower pond.

MAPCODE for car park : 459 360 876

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