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Kitsuki Castle Town


This town on Oita's Kunisaki Peninsula is centered around Kitsuki Castle, said to be Japan’s smallest. The city is comprised of two hills with a valley in between. Samurai districts sit on the north and south hills, looking over the merchant district in the valley below. The town is small, measuring only 500 meters north-south and 1.5 km east-west. Kitsuki Castle sits on a plateau at the eastern end, overlooking Beppu Bay. Kitsuki’s historical neighborhoods are free of modern distractions such as power lines and signs, adding to the authentic atmosphere. Many visitors rent kimono to wear while strolling the town, and some local restaurants and sightseeing spots offer discounts to visitors in kimono. The town has many samurai family residences which have been restored to appear as they were in the Edo period (1603-1867). There is a history museum in the town center and a small museum within the castle, where visitors can try on samurai armor.

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