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Kunisaki Trekking — Explore Some Unique Sites


The fascinating Kumano Magaibutsu Buddhist figures, estimated to have been carved into the side of a cliff in the late Heian period (791-1185), have been designated an important cultural property. Fuki-ji Temple, the oldest wooden building in Kyushu dating back some 1,300 years, has been designated a national treasure and is in excellent condition despite its age. On your way to visit Futago-ji Temple, you'll pass by the two largest Nio guardians in the region. You can also explore Monjusen-ji Temple, one of the earliest structures built in the Rokugo Manzan style, as well as Usa Jingu Shrine which was constructed in the 8th century and is the main shrine for around 40,000 Hachiman shrines across the country. At Omichi Iwaya Cave, you can enjoy a magnificent view, including of the cave's unique rock formations.

[Taxi sightseeing] Oita Kunisaki Tour (to and from Beppu city)

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