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Yurigahama Beach


Yurigahama Beach on Yoron Island is a mysterious sand formation that appears between spring and autumn, according to the tides. It is located 1.5 kilometers from Okaneku, the largest beach on the island. Yurigahama Beach has fine white, star-shaped sand made up of tiny coral, and is surrounded by clear emerald water. Each time the beach appears, for just a matter of hours, it has a different shape and a different location. Its local nickname, “Phantasmal Beach” is a fitting tribute to its enigmatic nature. To see the beach, you can book a boat tour from Okaneku Beach that has been organized to coincide with favorable tides. Yoron Island itself is a breathtaking spot south of Kagoshima, with a culture influenced by both Okinawa and Kagoshima. With clear waters and reefs, it's a wonderful place to enjoy snorkeling, and you have a high chance of seeing sea turtles.

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