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“Tamatebako” Outdoor Hot Springs


Temporarily closed due to construction: June 2024 to April 2025

Ranked as the Best Day Trip to a Spa or Hot Spring by Trip Advisor in 2017, Tamatebako Onsen, one of Kyushu's most relaxing and rejevuniating destinations, is home to two luxurious open-air hot springs, a Japanese style and a western-style bath. The Japanese-style outdoor hot spring offers a stunning view of Mt. Kaimon and the East China Sea while the western style spring has a clear view of Mt. Takeyama, locally known as as "Snoopy Mountain." A relaxing soak in these outdoor natural baths are said to heal the body and mind, and the high levels of sodium chloride in the water are said to help with joint pain and a range of other ailments. The hot springs are rotated depending on even and odd dates of the month, so men and women can enjoy both.

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