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Okawachiyama Village


Hidden in the mountains between Saga's famous porcelain towns Imari and Arita, Okawachiyama Village was once known as the "Village of the Secret Kilns". During the Edo period (1603-1867), Okawachiyama Village was completely controlled by the Nabeshima family who ruled the area, building kilns and employing the best artisans to make porcelain exclusively for the nobility. Many of the potters were Korean, who brought a style that differed from the pottery in surrounding areas. To preserve this exclusive style known as Nabeshima ware, the village was kept isolated from outsiders. As you walk through the quiet cobblestone streets, you will see various porcelain details embedded in the walls, including a blue and white tiled bridge. Shops and workshops in town sell traditional Nabeshima ware pieces and you can visit some of the old kilns.

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