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Cycling,Trekking:The dawn of Japan, the story of the volcanoes and mountains where the gods dwell

Cycling,Trekking:The dawn of Japan, the story of the volcanoes and mountains where the gods dwell

Trip Overview

The Kirishima Mountain range in southern Kyushu consists of numerous volcanoes. They have erupted repeatedly since prehistoric times, and even today, Mt. Iou and Mt. Shinmoe-dake are active. The breath of the land is an object of awe and reverence, and various legends and cultures remain. There is also an abundance of hot springs around the volcanoes with excellent hot water quality, which soothe the people. On this journey, you can experience the stories of the ancestors of Japan's emperors, the volcanic terrain, the flora and fauna that live there, and the blessings of the mountains, including the water they bring.

●Area: Kirishima, Kagoshima Pref.
●Main Activity: Climbing two mountains representing the Kirishima mountain range
●Difficulty: 3
●3nights 4days
 Day1:Kirishima International Hotel or similar
 Day2:Kirishima International Hotel or similar
 DAY3:Kirishima International Hotel or similar
●Guide: An English speaking guide
●PAX: Minimum 4/ Maximum 8
●Price: JPY299,800-


・Climbing Mt.Karakuni-dake, the highest peak in the Kirishima mountain range.
・Climbing Mt.Takachiho-no-mine,the mountain where the gods dwell


The journey starts at Kagoshima Airport. Kagoshima Airport is located at the foot of the Kirishima Mountain range, the place you will be visiting. You may have seen the Kirishima mountains from the plane window. After arrival, you will take a private car to a tea farm. The Kirishima Mountains are large mountains, but they provide abundant and clean water to the places where people live. This water can be used to grow many agricultural crops. One of these is tea. It is exported to the rest of the world under the brand name Kirishima Tea. This time, visitors can make their own Matcha on a terrace deck built in the midst of the tea fields. The Kirishima mountains lie in front of you. The taste of the tea while looking at the scenery is exceptional.

Another blessing of the water is the famous shochu liquor called 'Akarui Nouson (Happy Farming Village)'. At the factory, you will see the making process using water that flows from Kirishima. Afterwards, you will check in at an inn. The inn has its own hot spring water coming from the Kirishima area. Your fatigue will be healed. There are no more activities on this day.


Today the main activity is climbing the mountain, but you will cycle to the trailhead by e-bike. You will start the climb at the Ohnami Pond trailhead. Ohnami Pond is a nearly circular crater lake with a diameter of 630m and a circumference of approximately 2km. A 40-minute ascent takes you to a spot where you can get a bird's-eye view of the lake. From here, walk along the mountain ridge path looking down on the pond. The pond shows various aspects from that direction.

After walking around the pond in a 180-degree circle, the trail heads up to Mt. Karakuni-dake, which rises above the pond. At 1,700m above sea level, Mt. Karakuni-dake is the highest peak in the Kirishima Mountain range. As for the origin of the name, there is a theory that it was so called because the mountain is so high that you can see as far as the Korean Peninsula from its summit, but in fact you can't see the Korean Peninsula from the top of the mountain. The summit is reached after a steep ascent. From the summit, you can see the crater below the sheer cliffs. You can feel the grandeur of the volcano.

After eating lunch at the summit, you descend the northern slope. The trail heads towards the goal of the climb, the Ebino Plateau, while looking at Mt. Iou, which spews out volcanic gases. From Ebino Plateau you will cycle back to the inn. The day's activities include cycling 18.5km, climbing 6.9km, an elevation gain of 976m, and a total of about 7 hours.


On this day, you will climb another mountain, the 1,573m-high Mt. Takachiho-no-mine. This mountain is revered by the people as 'the mountain where the gods dwell'. As the previous day, you will cycle to the trailhead. On the way, stop at Kirishima Shrine. The deity of Takachiho that is worshipped here is called Ninigi no Mikoto. He is the ancestor of Japanese emperors. Pray for the safety of climbers. Start climbing from the trailhead and the first place you will see is Takachiho Gawara, where the Kirishima Shrine was originally located in the past.

From here, the trail climbs up a rough and rugged path littered with volcanic debris. It is as if people are not allowed to approach. After passing through here, you walk along the rim of the crater called Ohachi. Both sides are valleys and the path is thrilling. The goal is the summit, which you can see far beyond. The summit is reached by conquering the final ascent. A sword is thrust into the peak. Legend has it that the sword was thrust into the mountain by the deity Ninigi no Mikoto, who wished for the stability of the country and that the sword would never be wielded again.

After lunch at the summit, you descend the mountain. At the foot of the mountain, thank Takachiho Gawara for your safe return and cycle back to your inn. The day's activities include 29.9km of cycling, 6.4km of climbing, an elevation gain of approximately 600m, and a total time required of 8 hours 30 minutes. Take your time to rest your body in the hot springs.


This day is only for your transfer. We will pick you up at your inn and send you to Kagoshima Airport by private car.

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