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Nanatsugama Limestone Cave


A breathtakingly beautiful naturally-formed site in Nagasaki Prefecture’s Saikai city, Nanatsugama Limestone Cave stretches to more than 1600m, with over 320m of it being accessible as a tourist cave. Nanatsugama is the only limestone cave in the prefecture and consists of several caves which can be toured on a leisurely cruise. The site, which is believed to have emerged from the sea naturally millions of years ago, is today recognized as a National Nature Treasure for its stunning raw beauty. Aside from sightseeing cruises, the caves can also be visited on foot. The lush grass plateau above the caves has a walking path from where visitors can enjoy a fantastic panoramic view of the caves and the ocean stretching as far as the eye can see. One of the most splendid gifts of nature in southern Japan, Nanatsugama Limestone Cave is a must-see spot when traveling to Nagasaki.

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