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Dazaifu city

Kyushu is renowned for its delicious cuisine and world-class ingredients. Ringed by sea, this diverse, volcanic island has the perfect blend of fertile soil, mild temperatures and sustainable farming practices.

As the historic gateway to Asia and the world, Kyushu has assimilated global influences to create new dishes that are famous all over Japan, from Fukuoka’s aromatic Hakata ramen to Miyazaki’s succulent chicken nanban.

Explore Kyushu’s rich food culture: its organic farming and bustling food markets. Learn about Kumamoto’s famed Japanese Brown cattle and Kagoshima’s Kurobuta pork. Experience Fukuoka’s food markets and nightly food stalls, and be tempted by the sweet treats of the “Sugar Road” that winds through Saga and Nagasaki.

These stories take you deeper into Kyushu’s gourmet heritage, to meet the farmers, fishers and makers behind the ingredients.

Travel Blogs

Our travel writers have journeyed far and wide to bring you deeper insights into Kyushu. From the bustling food stalls of Fukuoka’s city streets to the remote, green depths of Yakushima’s mysterious forests, be inspired by their first-hand stories and photographs.