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KAI Kirishima

界 霧島

KAI Kirishima is a hot spring ryokan overlooking Sakurajima and surrounded by nature. It is located halfway up Mt. Takachiho, a mountain rich in ancient myth, and offers views of Sakurajima from every room. The 49 guest rooms, "Satsuma Shirasu Daichi-no-Ma," feature traditional regional crafts such as headboards made using shirasu (ash and pumice) collected after a volcanic eruption in Kagoshima. In addition, lighting using traditional Satsuma washi paper, Oshima silk, and Satsuma tin crafts are among the items on display. Soaking in hot springs with incredible views and enjoying kaiseki cuisine that makes the most of seasonal and local ingredients, your stay will be a relaxing experience for both body and soul.

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