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Another of JR Kyushu’s special trains, the ARU Ressha, or JR Kyushu Sweet Train, as it’s better known, is a luxury cruise train that lets passengers enjoy the wonders of Kyushu while savoring delicious artisan-made sweets and meals onboard. Inspired by the concept of “Introducing the Amazing charms of Kyushu,” providing “Royal design and delicious food,” and “aiming to be a train that is Universally loved,” (put those letters together and you’ll see where the ARU name comes from), this lovely train is one of the sweetest deals you’ll come across while in Kyushu. Suited best for those who’d like to take it slow and couples on a romantic getaway, this train ride is one you won’t easily forget. Passengers can enjoy a five-course meal cooked by renowned Japanese chefs, various beverages and top-class service.

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