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Ibusuki Hakusuikan


Ibusuki Hakusuikan in Ibusuki City, Kagoshima Prefecture, is a traditional and prestigious ryokan along the scenic coastline, surrounded by pine greenery and the blue sea. Visitors can enjoy the property's various types of hot springs, such as the Genroku Bath, which represents the baths of the Edo period, the open-air bath overlooking the magnificent blue sea, and the Sunamushi sand baths, which are reputed to be highly effective in beauty and medicinal value. Enjoy Japanese kaiseki cuisine that makes the most of local seasonal ingredients, accompanied by Satsuma's signature shochu liquor. On the ryokan's extensive grounds, visit the Satsuma Lore Museum, where you can see and feel the history of Satsuma, with a collection of about 3,000 outstanding works of art on display.

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