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A Cosmopolitan City, Full of Energy

Food Stalls (Yatai)

Fukuoka is the geographical and historical gateway to Asia: steeped in history, but open to new ideas and cultures. The city is young and vibrant, with a diverse community from around the world.

You can enjoy trendy shopping districts and lively food stalls, but it is just a short distance from revered, ancient shrines and temples, and beautiful castle towns.

Along the coast, you'll find gorgeous beaches and quiet fishing towns, famous for their fresh oysters and shellfish.

Fukuoka Top Attractions

Getting Here

Fukuoka is an easy 2 hour flight from Tokyo and 90 minutes from Osaka. Fukuoka is well connected to Japan's other major cities by air, rail road, and even sea.


As the gateway to Asia, Fukuoka is Japan's closest port to major cities like Seoul, Shanghai and Taipei, with direct flights under 2 hours. There are daily flights from Japan's major cities, with over 400 flights a day from Tokyo. From the airport, you can reach Hakata Station in less than 10 minutes by subway.



Getting Around

Fukuoka's transport network makes it easy to get around. With quick connections by subway and JR trains, local and intercity buses and even sightseeing taxis, it is easy to get around the main sights.


With a Japan Rail Pass, you can travel by shinkansen from Tokyo to Fukuoka, with optional stops in Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima along the way. Fukuoka's convenient subway system can get you from the airport to all the main city sights.


There are three main subway lines in the city, which cover most central sightseeing spots. Tenjin Station is the main hub for transfers. Connect to the Nishitetsu and JR lines to travel further within the region. A1 Day Passoffers unlimited travel on Fukuoka City Subway routes for one day.


Buses within the city are easy to use, with some destinations in English. You can pay fares in cash or with an IC card. There are direct bus services from the city centre to popular attractions including Dazaifu and Yanagawa. Hakata Bus Terminal, next to Hakata Station, and the Nishitetsu Tenjin Expressway Bus Terminal are the main hubs for bus travel in Fukuoka and to other regions in Kyushu. You can check routes and timetables or make reservations on the atbus-de bus site.

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