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As you sit in your comfortable seat sipping your drink and looking at the wonders stretching outside the large windows, you can hear the sound of the train leaving its destination, and you know it finally begins — your once-in-a-lifetime Kyushu journey. Welcome aboard the Seven Stars in Kyushu, Japan’s first luxury sleeper train. Launched in 2013 to deliver a high-end experience on wheels to visitors in Kyushu, this luxurious cruise train boasts seven impeccably designed to please you carriages, takes you through the region’s seven beautiful prefectures, and embraces Kyushu’s seven best attractions: nature, history and culture, food, hot springs, “power spots”, humanity and trains. On your ride, expect to be treated to first-class service, gourmet cuisine and unique cabin suites decorated by artisans. Your ride will include an untimely encounter with the island’s diverse nature and its local people. Operating on a 3,000km-long railroad, The Seven Stars in Kyushu offers a range of seasonal journeys, all of which promise an unforgettable lifetime experience.

In 2022, the Seven Stars in Kyushu train was renovated to provide an even more luxurious experience to travelers. The carriages now include spaces such as a salon, tea room, shop, and bar so that you can enjoy your journey to the fullest. A total of three new course options have also been introduced, so there are even more ways to experience the romance of the railways while visiting places of historical and cultural interest around Kyushu.

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