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Island Getaways

Discover unspoiled nature, bountiful fresh foods, and diverse history on the islands surrounding Kyushu

The Distinct Cultures, Histories, and Natural Beauty of Kyushu’s Islands

As if the main island of Kyushu isn’t diverse and breathtakingly beautiful enough, the islands surrounding Kyushu will add hundreds of other things to see and experience. From incredible secluded beaches and primeval forests to historic castles and spiritual sites, the islands of Kyushu offer you a chance to explore Japan as you’ve never seen it. As Kyushu has been a center of international trade for centuries, the islands became points of trade with other nations. Many of the traditions, culture, and foods of the islands have their own unique traits influenced by the foreign cultures they interacted with.

Visit the Goto Islands for glamping sites under star-filled skies, swimming, fishing, or SUP in impossibly azure blue seas, and visiting some of the lovely churches built by the island’s many “Hidden Christian” communities, several now recognized as UNESCO World Heritage sites. Learn the 1,300-year-old process of making and dyeing silk on Amami Oshima from the artisans who continue the tradition.

But no matter which island you choose to visit, enjoy the friendly hospitality of the locals and the bounty of fresh foods from sea and land. Which of Kyushu’s unique island destinations will you pick to visit this time?

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