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Emerald Forests, Golden Beaches

Takachiho Gorge

The landscape of Miyazaki is defined by a long stretch of coast, lined with golden beaches and spectacular rock formations. With temperate weather and great surfing, the Nichinan Coast is a popular getaway. Miyazaki is considered a home of the gods, with ancient legends told through Kagura dance. Dense forests, dramatic gorges and hidden mountain villages take you back to those storied times.

Miyazaki Top Attractions

Getting Here

Miyazaki is well connected to the rest of Japan. By air, it takes less than 2 hours from Tokyo and just over 1 hour from Osaka. Take a shinkansen from Osaka to Kokura in Fukuoka, and transfer to an express train via Oita.


Within Japan, there are daily direct flights from Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya to Miyazaki Bougainvillea Airport. There are also regular flights to and from Fukuoka and Okinawa. Getting from the airport to the city is easy by bus or train. It takes around 25 minutes by bus and just over 10 minutes by train to Miyazaki Station. Taxis are also reasonable.



Getting Around

Miyazaki city and the airport are connected by express train along the Nichinan Coast to the rest of Miyazaki and Oita to the north and Kagoshima to the south. Highway buses are a great option to get around the main sites, from Takachiho Gorge to Aoshima.


JR Kyushu trains connect the city with key areas on the Nippo Main Line, including Ebino plateau and Kirishima. Trains also run along the coast, connecting seaside towns and beautiful shrines and temples along the Nichinan Coast road.


With only a few train lines traversing Miyazaki, bus and car are often the best ways to explore. International visitors can get a Visit Miyazaki Bus Pass, for unlimited travel within the region. You can get more information on routes and buy a bus pass at the airport, at Miyazaki Station and Miyazaki City Tourist Information Center.

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