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Hitoyoshi city

Our travel writers have journeyed far and wide to bring you deeper insights into Kyushu. From the bustling food stalls of Fukuoka’s city streets to the remote, green depths of Yakushima’s mysterious forests, be inspired by their first-hand stories and photographs.

You’ll find a wealth of travel ideas, tips on where and what to eat, relaxing hot springs, secret beaches and unique activities to try.

Meeting artists and farmers, staying with local families and taking the roads less traveled, these stories introduce the energy, creativity and warm spirit of Kyushu’s people, along with the wild beauty of the natural landscape.

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Travel Blogs


Welcome to Kyushu, a place you can relax by the beach or work up a sweat becoming a Samurai!

Akizuki Castle Ruins

SAMURAI KYUSHU is travel blogs geared towards travelers who visit Japan who are interested in both Samurai culture and Japanese martial Arts. The Samurai culture has been steady for over 700 years. The word “Bushido” stems from the ones’ spirit, a must for becoming a samurai.

Samurais are indebted to keep and protect these spiritual values. The Samurai’s education revolves around learning various types of Japanese cultural education such as Kendo, Archery, Kaido, Iaido, Shuriken, and many more. Samurais also learn proper etiquette by studying manners through calligraphy, flower arrangement, and tea ceremony. Kyushu is the perfect place to experience all of these Japanese cultural experiences in such a close proximity. Step into the world of the Samurai through these articles that offer a variety of interesting locations and experiences.

Gourmet Kyushu

Kyushu is renowned for its delicious cuisine and world-class ingredients. Ringed by sea, this diverse, volcanic island has the perfect blend of fertile soil, mild temperatures and sustainable farming practices.